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December 12, 09

صور من حماه

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اخذت هذه الصور من على قلعة حماه عام 2009 . حماة مدينة رائعة, تجمع بين عراقة الماضي و جمال الطبيعة

أتمنى ان تحافظ المدينة على رونقها على مر الزمن





September 2, 09

Sedra begging for a park stroll

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After this conversation we went to two parks, one hour for each :), Girls!!

February 9, 09

مطار دمشق

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في مطار دمشق
حام حولي ما يكفي من الذباب
لاشعر اني في اسطبل!

February 7, 09

FOSS 09 Workshop in Damascus

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Finally we could do it, Free and Open Source Software FOSS 09 Workshop in Damascus, Syria was our first event in our new young community ‘iCommunity’ for the software professionals community in Damascus and Syria in general.

A great attendance was with us over the workshop three days, it was really a pleasure to meet great people there like Eng.Khaled al-shamaa, Eng.Ahmad Othman, and Dr.Hani safadi









We could promote FOSS well, and we could motivate some people to move to FOSS. 

It was a good idea to distribute the free DVDs set, Ubuntu 8.10 DVD + the Open DVD which consists of a Debian software repository and a set of helpful foss for windows.


open dvd

open dvd


The key of the success was my cool team, Thank you Emad, Humam, Rima, Diab, Nada you did great!



update 1 : My dear friend Abdolah wrote more valuable informations here

September 18, 08

a cute girl

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Her name is Judi, I saw her somewhere, and I took this photo,It’s so cute.

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